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Summer and Holiday Camps

We offer half and full day camps for all ages throughout the year for various school holidays such as spring break, summer break, and winter break as well as mini camps during one day student holidays.  Call or email right away to get on our email list to be notified of early registration discounts! 


Camp Experience

The goal of our educational equine camps is for children of all ages to safely learn good horsemanship, while having a great time in a family oriented atmosphere. Activities and programs that our campers participate in also teach responsibility, cooperation, courage and self-esteem. Campers begin by learning the basics of horsemanship. They learn the different parts of the horse and the equipment used to ride. Campers will also learn the importance of hoof care, nutrition and the basic needs of every horse.

Let's Ride!

Camps occur different times throughout the year, so make sure you follow us on social media and check our website for updates. By the end of camp, students will be given the opportunity to practice what they have learned and get to take a ride on one of our well-trained and well-behaved horses. 

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